Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Israeli Music

Here's a quick list of some Israeli music on YouTube that I've liked over the years, and continue to like.

One of the first Israeli Rock/Pop groups the High Windows with Arik Einstein, Shmulik Krauss, and Josie Katz. From their first and only album.
You Can't and First Love

Next for Arik, The Churchills...pretty much a copy of the Beatles, but toned down a bit.
Achinoam doesn't know

From Lul, a classic comedy series with Arik Einstein, Uri Zohar and others around 1972.
I like to Sleep

This is one of my favorites, also from Lul.

Why do I take to Heart, Arik Einstein and a very young Shlomo Hanoch.

A relatively recent group. Great pictures in the video, though.
Ethnix, She won't come back.

Yehuda Poliker songs. He's of Greek heritage, worth learning about his family history. Early music (Benzine) was straight on Israeli Rock. Later he let the Greek influences out.

I Don't Know

Less but Still Hurts

Of course, there's always Aviv Geffen. I never really got his goth look in the early days, well, still..., but with his parentage you knew he could do something like this. Cry for You