Thursday, March 26, 2009

Project Caroline

Over the last four years, my former team at Sun has been focussed on cloud computing, its value to Sun's potential customers, and the most effective ways to make its value accessible to developers. A significant artifact that research was Project Caroline, which was demonstrated in April 2008 at the SunLabs Open House.

Here is a pointed to that presentation.

It begins with my introduction and motivation for the project. At 5:30, John McClain gives a demonstration of the use of Project Caroline to create an Internet service, creating a Facebook application. At 34:00, Bob Scheifler gives a developer oriented view of the resources available in the Project Caroline platform and how those resources are programmatically controlled. At 1:06:00, Vinod Johnson demonstrates how the Project Caroline architecture and API's facilitate the creation and deployment of horizontally scaled applications that dynamically adjust their resource utilization. This is done using a early version of the Glassfish 3.0 application server that has been modified to work with Project Caroline. Finally, at 1:33:30, John McClain returns to summarize the demos and the answer a few questions.

While the project is no longer active at Sun, the Project Caroline web site is still running, where you can find additional technical discussions and through which can download all of the source code for Project Caroline. It's worth noting that that web site is a Drupal managed web site that itself is running on Project Caroline!